Caillou Pettis

Caillou Pettis is the creator and host of FalconCast, alongside his co-host and co-creator, Nicholas Favel.

The Early Years Edit

Caillou Pettis was born in Calgary, Alberta, on June 28, 2000. Ever since Caillou was just 4/5, he has been interested and intrigued by computers and the Internet. Around this same time, Caillou's favorite YouTube video was the "United Furniture Warehouse" commercial, and he kept on playing it over, and over again until he eventually got bored. At the age of 7, Caillou got very interested in making YouTube videos for himself, but had no clue where to start. Caillou had no equipment for video making like a professional video camera, microphone, fast running computer, however he did use his webcam on his laptop. After discovering about the webcam, he quickly started up his first ever YouTube channel (which is now permanently deleted), and started uploading tons of videos in it. After a few weeks of having the channel, Caillou did not upload videos anymore, and abandoned video making, and instead went back to watching YouTubers. At age 9, Pettis went on YouTube almost every day, watching YouTube gameplay videos, and also started another YouTube channel, but never made a video on it.

In 2011, (Age 11), Caillou started another channel, and actually made over 500+ videos on it (more videos than his current channel, XxTwistedFalconXx has), and uploaded 2-3 videos every single day on it. Unfortunately, Caillou has not given out his channel from 2011, as of 2015.

FalconCast Edit

Caillou Pettis brought up the idea of "FalconCast" to his friend Nicholas Favel, after Pettis got into YouTuber "Tobuscus" and watched his YouTube video podcast "Toby Sucks at Podcasts". Caillou and Nick talked about how much they liked Toby's podcast, and how they wanted to do something similar someday.

On March 8, 2014, Caillou and Nick had a sleepover, and at around 7pm at night, they both went down to their local convenience store to get slurpees and candy for their sleepover. On the way back, Caillou brought up how he wanted to do the show, and if possible tonight. Nick agreed to it, and the two friends talked about what they would do on the first episode of the show.

Trivia Edit

. Caillou is the host and creator of FalconCast

. Caillou's favorite episode of FalconCast is the Christmas Special

. Caillou predicts he will get emotional on the sequel to FalconCast: Christmas Special

. Caillou is the only person on the FalconCast crew to do all the work. Including editing, uploading, etc. Caillou's co-host Nicholas Favel just appears on the show.

. Caillou Pettis thought of FalconCast while walking back from a convience store with Nicholas Favel.

. Caillou Pettis believes that the fan-favorite episode "FalconCast: Christmas Special" will forever be the most memorable and greatest episode of the show.

. "Seinfeld" is Caillou's favorite TV show.

. It takes Caillou around 10 hours to edit 1 episode of FalconCast.